Rabbit Control
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The Rabbit

Oryctolagus cuniculus

Believed to originate from the Iberian peninsula and probably brought to these shores by the Romans, the Rabbit was carefully enclosed and managed, usually on land considered too rough or barren to support sheep. The Warrener was a full time occupation for a man that included managing breeding stock, culling, control of appropriate food stuffs and preparing the animal for human consumption. Regarded as an extravagant delicacy in the 17th century, the rabbit had gone from hero to zero, mainly due to the vile Myxomatosis. The disease had taken the rabbit from an estimated 100 000 000 prior to 1953 to just 5% of that number in 1956. Luckily the rabbit has managed if not to overcome the disease but fight back with a 35% survival of infected individuals. Whilst we never want to get back to the pre Myxomatosis days of plague proportions, the disease has enabled us to keep on top of the population to more manageable numbers.

Recently the great British public has started to see the rabbit for what it is, a lean and wild, sustainable meat, organic, with low food miles. All the rabbits caught by Wiltshire Warrenrs go into the local food chain.

Both Morgan and myself have the utmost respect for this wily survivor, it’s taken years of study to understand their behaviour and the methods of how to control them. We are a committed, knowledgeable team with proven results.

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