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A father in law, Son in law team, please view our profiles below:


Growing up at the base of the Salisbury plains with his dad and brothers, Morgan’s formative years were spent roaming the countryside with his Whippet cross Floosie and mongrel dog Wolfgang. Looking for wild creatures and in particular birds of prey he obsessed about these creatures taking every opportunity to watch them hunt and drawing them when at home.

Wolfgang was a loyal dog and fiercely protective of the young boy, this relationship started his love of dogs that grew further when Floosie joined the family after being caught wandering around Stonehenge, (probably discarded by Gypsies). The small dog was a natural born hunter, flushing out rabbits and using her formidable turn of speed to catch and retrieve, she enthralled the young boy.

Later in life, Morgan became a carpenter and Oak framer, skills taught by his dad, in time he added blacksmithing to the list and now makes and sells bespoke knives like the one in the photo.

Along with the Knife making, Morgan works within Stuarts landscaping business during the summer when the rabbit population are breeding and the rapidly growing greenery makes ferreting dificult.

Morgan and Stuart’s daughter (Jaillin) met and the two men realized they had a lot in common, Stuart passed on his knowledge of working dogs and specifically hunting Rabbits which became Morgan’s obsession and now his main work between September and March.


I grew up in Norwich but spent every available weekend and school holidays with my uncle John and his pack of lurchers in rural North Norfolk, it was an idyllic time, shooting, fishing and roaming the country side with my beloved first lurcher ‘Whip’. Life back then was different, no internet and no mobile phones, the world seemed a smaller place. The difference in the City to the country life was even further magnified by my Uncles home, with no phone or car I really did feel in a bubble where I ran wild, fulfilling the desire in my small boys mind to be a hunter. I was lucky to have a mum that allowed me to have Whip at a very early age and let me go to the place where I needed be.

Uncle John showed me the art of shooting and fishing but it was the lamping that fired my young boy’s imagination, venturing into the inky darkness holding onto Johns lurcher ‘Jess’ until I gained my night eyes, we wandered over the fields taking rabbits by lamp. It was thrilling and earthy experience that left its mark, it was this start that laid the foundation of my passion for field craft and working with dogs.

Stuart’s main work for the past 20 years has been running his landscaping business, he still works hands on within the business through the summer months but now switches to the rabbit control from September when the foliage dies back, ready for the main ferreting season to begin.


Neil is the newest (non-family) member of the team who enjoys nothing more than photographing.

As a commercial photographer, for his company Moore Photographics, he photographs within many disciplines from marine, products, architectural, through to corporate head shots. So when the opportunity arose to join us he jumped at the chance. Getting cold and wet is part of the many charms of working in the field, but how else to capture rural work in action.

He has taken all the photos within this website, but more about his work can be found at www.moore-photographics.com.

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