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The Ferret

Mustela putorius furo.

A member of the Mustelid group of animals their wild cousins include, Weasels, Stoats, Badgers, Polecats, Otters and Pine Martens.

When the Ferret was domesticated is still unknown but is widely believed to be brought to this country by the Romans. Widely used for hunting for at least 2000 years.

Wiltshire Warreners handle their Ferrets daily to create biddable working animals, their hutches are linked to large play pens by 4” wide plastic tubing which serves as part of their play and exercise routine. Ferrets love to run, climb and dig which is important for their physical and mental wellbeing when not working. We believe well fed, healthy and fit Ferrets work better and live happier lives.


‘The webs are set, let’s get the Weasels out’


The Beadu Chine is our collective name for the pack of Ferrets, Beaudu is the Anglo-Saxon name for battle and chine is the collective name for a group of polecats

Our Chine consists of Polecat, Albino and Sandy Hobs and Jill’s. More than just working animals, they are our friends and a part of our daily life, we all enjoy seeing their characters come out whether they are at work or at play.

Morgan has taken great care to breed and manage the Chine so we have an effective partnership that produces results. Please see the profile of some of our best workers and their offspring. Morgan’s son and Stuarts Grandson ‘Teddy’ chose most their names. His 4-year-old intellect chose well.


Shark (The mother to the kits) the smallest of the girls she fizzes around the warren pushing out rabbits into our nets, probably the most docile of all our ferrets when in the hand, she will even come back when called.

Dolphin The most aggressive Jill when working, Dolphin is our star worker, tireless and super-efficient she has a special bond with Mouse that make them unbeatable as a team.

Jon Jon (Father to the kits) A huge docile hob, Jon Jon is a favourite of all the team, slow and methodical he will work all day but only at one pace.

Bite Bite (Daughter of Shark and Jon Jon) A Polecat Jill. The most insane of all the kits, she was the most inquisitive and was the first to climb to the top of her wire play pen. We have high hopes for this little ball of energy.

Sandy (Son of Shark and Jon Jon) our sandy coloured hob, a firm favourite of Teddy because he is so gentle and well mannered.

Cloud (Morgan’s favourite kit, Son of Shark and Jon Jon) An Albino ferret, Cloud has a lovely temperament taking after his mother, when we tried him out on his first outing he performed so well we believe he will end up being our go to ferret for stubborn warrens.

Pink nose (Son of Shark and Jon Jon) A polecat Ferret, we tried the young hob out along with Cloud and after a hesitant beginning he soon got the idea what we wanted from him. He now is a regular team mate with cloud.

Wonka: (Son of Shark and Jon Jon) A Polecat hob, born with a kink in his spine, many would have put down the animal but experience has shown that animals with problems or defects can defy the odds and become part of a working team.

Hobya: (Son of Shark and Jon Jon) A Polecat hob

Pictsie (Daughter of Shark and Jon Jon) A Polecat Jill

Tinkabell (Daughter of Shark and Jon Jon) A Polecat Jill

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