Rabbit Control
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The art of long-netting is using the moon and weather to our advantage.

Long netting at night:

The art form of setting out the long net under the cover of darkness then banting (Herding) the rabbits into the net, this is a very clever way of taking a lot of rabbits in one night which only uses man, dogs and nets.

The real art to this method of rabbit control is using the weather and moon to our advantage, setting out nets in complete darkness by touch alone takes practice and experience, the correct wind direction and strength is to be observed if blank nets are to be avoided, knowing when lady moon rises and sets and what phase she is in are also critical for success. Some warrens tend to net better in the early evening whilst other warrens net better nearly into dawn. A case study on one particular warren saw 20 rabbits caught in the nets with a start time of 3pm working into dawn. On an early evening attempt on the same warren, the numbers caught were significantly higher.

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