Rabbit Control
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The art of ferreting to flush the rabbits out of the warren


The daytime method of flushing rabbits from their warrens into purse or long nets, usually with our dogs to stop escapees. Ferreting is an ancient method that utilizes a tri partnership of man, dog and ferret.

Useful in all manner of settings from gardens to fields, rides, paddocks, sports fields and golf courses, it involves no nasty chemicals or gas. Forming the main basis of our rabbit control it is efficient and effective.


Moonlight Ferreting:

A night time method of controlling rabbits, the ferrets are collared up with a bell so we can hear exactly where they are working, the long nets are set and the dogs ready to hold the prey for us to dispatch.

An extremely useful practise if the area is sensitive or busy with human activity during the day. The night must be crystal clear and the moon illumination at least 90%. A waxing Gibbous moon in its last 3 phases, a full moon and a waning Gibbous moon in its first 3 phases gives us around 7 days in a month where this practise can be used.

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